A Momentous Occasion

photo 1The moment of the final binding-off of stitches on the Color Affection!

It is done-ish. That is, I have some fixing to do. For instance, my ends are extremely tight from my stressed-out, why-won’t-this-hurry-up wrap and turns. I didn’t like how sloppy it looks, so I am crocheting a slight border along the top. I am using my main color and am doing a one-inch single-crochet of a few rows, just whatever looks right. I’m pretty new to crochet so this is quite interesting.

I actually like the wrap a whole lot better now that it is off the needles, likely due to the euphoria of being done-ish. But I’ll take it. Now I just need to find a shawl pin to go with it. Any recommendations?






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