Tag, You’re It!

It’s been a busy back to school week over here, how about you? Im my downtime (which doesn’t really exist) I was able to get another project completed, another easy lace chunky scarf, didn’t I see the pattern was easy and quick? This is a very special gift for my grandma’s birthday, which is this Friday. You see , I realized that the last scarf I made her was almost 10 years ago when I first started to learn how to knit…so that means it’s probably not that cute. And she lives up north where it’s cold and as Game of Thrones tells us, winter is coming.


While we’re at it let’s talk about gift tags. You can find a lot of premade tags to order online or you can simply attach a cute tag. to your gift to make the wrapping look extra special. I prefer the latter. I’m just not a big fan of tags in my clothes.

Looking for gift tag ideas? Try a simple Pinterest search, there are so many super cute gift tags available for free online or at least template so you can design your own.

I found this tag in a really cute set that you can check out on my Pinterest board, Gifty. Where do you find your tags? Share a pin with me!


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