Knitting Up Some School Spirit

It’s that time of year again.

Time for pumpkin spice lattes, new boots and back to school clothes.

More importantly? It’s football season.

10671394_685314868223738_5945325664563365099_nThe return of the college football season always makes me a bit depressed and homesick. You see, I attended one of the largest universities in the country and football season was kind of a big deal. GO BUCKS! The sounds of the TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band in the Land), the crunch of leaves…and helmets, the cool weather, the smiles and excitement of game day. When I left Ohio for San Diego, a place without a fall, and started working at a uni without a football team, the culture change was a huge shock. One year I got sad went binge shopping for dresses. Now in Texas, I am back in a uni with a huge football tradition and a semi-cool fall. I already had my PSL of the fall, now I need to buy me some new boots.

Then comes the hats. My guy is a huge fan of the Texas Longhorns, which happens to be the arch nemesis of my current college – though they do not play each other anymore (I’m not from here so I don’t get it, I just try to compare it to the distaste that I have for that team from up north (Michigan). Anyway, I spent the weekend knitting him this lovely burnt hat and took this secret photo, hoping my Aggies at work do not disown me! I actually love the color orange and wear it at the office every chance I get, knowing that I will be harassed just a tiny bit. But, I’m a knitter…I can’t help but love all the colors of the rainbow!

This is also a test for a hat I will make for one of my guy’s friends, who is a Kansas State fan, as a thank you for arranging this huge hunting trip/reunion for the guys in their battalion from the Marine Corps. I am designing my own hat for him using Stitchboard, a sweet site where you can take one of your images and upload it to the site where it will make a handy-dandy knitting chart for you. There are lots of sites out on the interwebs where you can do this, and even apps. Has anyone used the apps? I tried to download Jenny’s Knit-O-Matic, but my iPad was out of storage so I have some clean up to do….argh.



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