Yarn School, Part One

So wow. Alot of knitting has happened since I last posted (don’t be mad at me?)! My first post this week will be about the most fantastic crafting experience ever, Yarn School. Yarn School is a sweet little school in rural Harveyville Kansas, where crazy knit-folk – like me – get together to create. I loved it. This was my first year attending, but lots of the students have been going for years. If you are interested in learning how to dye fiber, spin or already know how to do both, this is the place for you. Check it out: The Harveyville Project.

The first part of my post will be all about getting there, which was full of delicious grub, colorful yarn stores and endless corn fields. My friends and I set out late in the evening for a long trek to Kansas – like a 12 hour kind of trek. So what else do we have to do besides knit, grub on road trip snacks (do NOT buy those Cappuccino Lays Potato Chips), and search for local yarn stores?

The first stop was two former Californians obssession, In-n-Out Burger – because we obsess over hunting it down wherever we can. Mmmmm. But in the morning, we headed directly to Norman, Oklahoma and stopped for a coffee at the most amazing coffee shop, Gray Owl Coffee. This is a magical little place where the coffee was amaze, origami and bicycles hung from ceiling panes and the local paper let us know that we were in the right place.Norman Coffee Shop

After some caffeine and a chocolate pumpkin muffin, we embarked on our shopping missions. Like good little knitters, we had done our research and knew that L&B Yarn Co. was on the top of our list. This place had a billboard on the highway. That takes some balls (of yarn, of course).


L&B Yarn, wonderful. It is the perfect size for a knitting store. We weren’t overwhelmed by shelves overflowing with yarn, there were super cute couches, the staff was so friendly and interested in us and our projects. I purchased a skein of Socks That Rock in colorway Farmhouse, but not after carrying around (aka hugging) two skeins that I was trying to decide between. I had budgeted myself on this trip and knew I should only get one. I decided on Farmhouse (left) and was super suprised to find Gnome on the Range (right) in my Christmas gift from knitter friend Nicole, who saw me agonizing over which to buy. She rocks (like the socks do). I highly recommend L&B. Plus, we met our first Yarn School friend there, Debra, a knitter also from Texas.

We stopped at another knit store and had some ice cream at Braums. We knew we got to Kansas when we saw all of the corn.

cornWe arrived at Harveyville grinning ear-to ear. We were welcomed by a stone schoolhouse that reminded of my midwestern youth, frolicking through decades-old school buildings. I was nostalgic, excited/nervous and extremely happy. Harveyville school is full of strange knick-nacks from the past, 1950s anatomy dolls, old basketball trophies, hair school busts… and now approximately 30 loud, chatty knitters/spinners. It was glorious.


Kansas is just, wow.  The endless cornfields, the bright blue skies which fade into brilliant rainbows the evening, awaking to the chickens jabbering and the sheep trying to ignore me. I want this to be my life!

Up next you will get to hear all about my dye-lab day. Also know as “i was never that good at chemistry” day.



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