2014 Crafting in Review

I had a busy year of knitting, though not so much a busy year of blogging….oops. Many of my knits were for me. Oh such a selfish year. I did make some gifts for my mum that I was super happy about, a few scarves for friends and family, as well as a hat for a family friend who underwent chemotherapy and who I hear is doing well.

1. Olympic Mitts – part of Ravellenic Games. Mystery + Manners

My first knit of the year was this massive Olympic project. Ravellenic Games are one of my favorite knitting times. I like a challenge. I loves this gloves and wear them quite a lot.


2. Group KAL Color Affection

I think you guys have all heard about this well enough, haven’t you?!

Color Affection

3. Many Infinity Lace Scarves or Cowls

Made the bright pink one for my grandma since she is so bright and happy. I love her. I also made the green/blue one as a Christmas gift for my guy’s mom. She put it on right away so that was quite the happy moment.

Infinity Lace 2 Infinity Lace

4. Deer Hat

I made one for my mum and one for me. I couldn’t love this pattern more. It’s just plain fun and crazy. I offered to make one for my guy for his hunting trip but he declined. Party pooper.

Deer Hat


5. Mr. Fox Stole My Heart

Eeee! I was positively giddy about this knit and still am. I wish I had more places to wear this. He still needs a little tweaking, I want to get a snap so I can snap him around my knit. Must wear more often.

Mr Fox

6. Longhorn Hat for my man

I knit quite a lot of orange this fall. This was an experimental hat and one that did not fit him right away. Still happy with how it turned out, but I feel like it may fit me better than him.

Longhorn Hat

7. Lola Headband

This has gotten alot of use lately with the cold temps. I adore this project and want to make many for friends. Takes longer than you would think (my head CANNOT be that large, oy!), but is completely worth it.


8. Gifts – bookmark and hat

I’ve made this bookmark quite a few times and think it is such a nice, handmade gift. Use Stiffy to stiffen the yarn.


9. Socks for my mum

I absolutely love making socks, the perfect travel knit. I now know my basic pattern by heart. Thankfully my mom loves knit socks. Perfect match.



All of my projects are on my Ravelry project page if you would like to see or purchase the patterns.

I hope you had as lovely of a knitting year as I! To many more!



2 thoughts on “2014 Crafting in Review

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