Picking Up Where I Left Off

My second HUGE WIP for my 2015 Crafting Goals?

The Hibernating Vest!

To rehash:

On our trip in 2013 to Dallas Fiber Fest, we stopped at the mecca of yarn for my little group, MadTosh. There, I bough a beautiful pattern for a Clustered Vest which I am so in love with. My guy bought me gift certificates with which I bought the most amazing skeins of MadTosh Glazed Pecan and I knit maybe four inches and …. yeah. Have I said that I am the worst? I love everything this project, why has it sat for almost TWO YEARS?? Oh yea, because it’s clothes and I have the attention span of a gnat (do they have attention spans?).

Anyway, I’m totally going to at least knit like one more inch of this during 2015.


I am happy to report that I have somehow figured out where I was in this knit after only taking out an inch or so. This is huge. When I opened the bag this knit was snoring in, I found out that I gave up on this knit so hard that I actually took the interchangeable needles off, put stoppers on and moved on to another project. With the same needles.

That’s some hard-core not caring.

Well I care now. This pattern is beautiful.

And I already knit like an inch or two beyond what I took out, so take that self-effacing crafting goals.



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