Winter Trips & Knits

Today I am looking out the window at a rainy, cold Texas winter day. I feel lucky that we are south enough to not be experiencing the scary winter storm in north Texas. Thankfully, last week I had a short reprieve from the 30-degree temps with a trip to Corpus Christi.

The first thing this former Californian did was run to the ocean. During my three days in Corpus, I walked the beach every chance I had. It was far too chilly to get into the water, but I touched it just for good measure. During one of my walks, I found the “Surfing Jesus” sculpture and saw two sweet nuns reading while gazing at the water. It was one of the most serene moments I’ve seen.

I was in Corpus for work conference, but during the last day of our trip, my guy and I did a little tour of the tourist attractions in Corpus. I pretended to captain the WWII aircraft carrier USS Lexington, aka “Lady Lex” and fed stingrays at the Texas State Aquarium. I’m fairly certain one of the stingrays was professing its undying love for me…or it was hungry. Hard to tell.

All the while, I was knitting my Madeira which looks exactly like it did last time I snapped a picture because I’m fairly certain it will take half of my lifetime to knit this sweater. Can someone tell those nuns to pray for me?

I jest. This can be a very relaxing knit right now because I just k1,p1 until my arms want to fall off. I’m actually almost done with the waistband, only half an inch left…

Which will likely take me until the end of March.



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