Spinnin’ & Grinnin’

Finished my second skein of handspun!

{Spinning has officially become a problem….I am abandoning all other projects….send help}

I am extra proud of this one as it is my very own handspun AND hand-dyed creation. This was the crockpot dye from Yarn School back in October. Funny enough, in my mind it was going to all different shades of red, using deep russet colors and bright scarlet. Instead, it turned out to mostly be all shades of pink with a smattering of red and purple. I still love it and couldn’t wait to see how it “spun up”.

Well here it is it all of it’s pinky loveliness.

image_medium2This spin wasn’t as smooth-going as my first and I think that is because I was trying very hard to spin thinner threads. The plying was extra difficult because my threads kept snapping, so this skein has lots of knots tied throughout it. I also didn’t really get into the groove until about midway through, which resulted in some inconsistencies.


But you know what? That means it is homemade so take that! Truly, I am very pleased with how it came out. Now I just need to figure out what to knit!



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