Lessons Learned

I’m on to my next handspun. This is another dye experiment from Yarn School. We were encouraged to being an inspiration collage, mine was jewel-toned and covered in flowers of course. My favorite was this gorgeous poppy covered, gold lined shoe, you can see in on the right side of the collage. These are the kind of shoes I would love to own but probably couldn’t walk in anyway. 


From my collage I created this color work which was utterly a disaster while I was painting it. It looked like vomit. Seriously. So I felt dejected and I decided that I was just terrible at colorwork. I absolutely hated it and refused to take a picture of it. Now I wish I did! 

 When it “cooked” in the microwave the brilliant colors came out and it actually wasn’t so bad at all. In actuality, it was the yarn I got the most compliments on.

Now that I am spinning it up, it is even more gorgeous. I love how the colors meld together if I take the time to try to spin two colors together. Pictures to come!

Lesson learned: Have a little faith in yourself.


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