Gettin’ Hitched! 

Big news! My guy popped the question early last week, much to my surprise and awe. I am beyond thrilled that I get to marry my best friend!

Expect a few posts of exhaustive wedding planning over the next year while we plan the big day. I don’t know when, I don’t know where and I really don’t know how. My “I Do” Pinterest board is growing and with it my shock about how many things I’m supposed to care about and plan. All I know is it will be a party with everyone we love and I’m super ecstatic to become his Mrs. And that’s all that matters!



Knitterly Valentines

Knit Picks is having their Red + Pink Sale again, so I’ve done a tiny bit of damage today. Really, it was quite modest, $12 to be exact. I purchased some super cute Palette Yarn in “Lipstick” and “Currant” because one day when I have magical more time I am going to make another shawl. I’ve had my eye on the stripey, lacey wonder that is the Cladonia for quite a while now. Isn’t that gorgeous? P.S. Red + Pink sale ends today so don’t think about your yarn lust for too long.

My tiny purchase also led me to finding the most hilarious valentines for you to share with your knitter friends. My favorite is the ball of yarn hitting up the sheep.  I sure do love some puns.

Send yours to a lovely knitter!



A Momentous Occasion

photo 1The moment of the final binding-off of stitches on the Color Affection!

It is done-ish. That is, I have some fixing to do. For instance, my ends are extremely tight from my stressed-out, why-won’t-this-hurry-up wrap and turns. I didn’t like how sloppy it looks, so I am crocheting a slight border along the top. I am using my main color and am doing a one-inch single-crochet of a few rows, just whatever looks right. I’m pretty new to crochet so this is quite interesting.

I actually like the wrap a whole lot better now that it is off the needles, likely due to the euphoria of being done-ish. But I’ll take it. Now I just need to find a shawl pin to go with it. Any recommendations?






Oh I am so pumped that November is here. I stepped outside during lunch and it was chilly! I love it!

This weekend was beautiful. It was just cold enough to be outside with a long sleeved t-shirt, so we (I use that term loosely) grilled outside while I made a fall wreath.

As you know, I like to use the same wreath base for each holiday, but change it around by adding new ribbon and other materials. In my big bag of holidays, I found a super cute ribbon I found on sale last year that is fall themed. I love picking up after-holiday bargains because I tend to forget about it and by next year’s holiday the goodie is completely new to me.

fallThat’s how it felt when I found this gorgeous ribbon, featuring sparkly, happy owls. Outlined by gobs of beautiful fall leaves, I am completely ready for this change of season in Texas.



Ode to Fall

wreath 1Who is ready for fall? I know I am!

Just in the last two weeks, I have had my Starbucks Pumpkin Latte, bought some Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses for my office candy bowl and bought some Pumpkin Spice K-cups for my Keurig. This girl is full swing into fall. Though these Texas temperatures will not let me break out my fall knits. boooo!

I have also taken to fall decorating. I may have forgotten about my holiday wreath last fall, but I have already broken it out of storage for this season. Two years ago, I decided that I would purchase a plain old wreath that I would reuse holiday after holiday by adding new decorations. I love this idea. It is earth-friendly plus gives me an excuse to make new cute things each year.

wreath 2The first Halloween, I made my first wreath ever  Last Christmas I made an uber-cute snowball wreath. And the tradition will continue because just recycled the materials for this year. Fun!

Instead of wrapping the ribbon this year, I wanted to make a huge bow. Are you embarrassed because you don’t know how to make a perfect bow? Same here! So, I used this video tutorial on how to make a big, puffy bow.



What did we ever do before YouTube, right?

How’s your holiday decorating going? Are you making something new this year and have a tutorial for us?



Showering with Gifts

The shower this weekend went very well and my gifts were completed and wrapped in time, I was so relieved! I’m not a huge fan of baby showers and tend to make make horrific faces when a baby shower game is thrust in my face. But this shower was perfectly perfect. The baby shower games were not annoying, the food was scrumptious and the decor was delightful. Even better, my friend and ma-to-be had a great time and got teary-eyed at feeling so loved. It was a really fun day making new friends and celebrating another kid who gets to call me Auntie!

Here’s some of the highlights:

1. The squirrel’s tail got done and didn’t look half bad, though I ran out of yarn and had to knit the tip in a dark brown. Arg!!! Worst nightmare! But there’s the super cute romper and my funny squirrel pre-wrapping (our friends totally got my squirrel joke and thought it was hysterical!).


2. My DIY gold stamped wrapping paper was pretty spiffy. I was kind of worried about it drying with some flakiness, but none! In my craft-angst I forgot to buy a card, so I knitted a little heart and created a tag. Who else is thankful that they just have a ton of crafty stuff sitting around the house? Whew!


3. Proof that I’m always not that crafty. One of the baby shower games was to sculpt a baby out of Play-doh. This was my favorite game by far (but I did win the “guess how many cookies are in this baby bottle bank game!). My Play-doh baby? Downright scary.

baby sculpt

4. My man is amazing. During the baby shower, the boys went to the gun range to shoot zombies. When they came back, the boys were all flustered over him, exclaiming “He’s an assassin!” Man love, adorable. I’m impressed.


5. Pinterest was representin’ at the shower, featuring some really cute ideas. I adore the Ready to Pop theme!



Joyful July

So, I like really bad jokes. Really bad ones. Not naughty ones, but the kind that generally make people groan when they hear the punch lines. When I was younger I used to read  joke books out loud to my sister on road-trips. My sister is a very, very patient person. A really bad, boney joke will make me so excited that I try really hard to remember it so I can add it to my lexicon of really dumb jokes (that rarely goes well because I am also horrible at telling jokes). Then I tell them to people and laugh loudly while they just sit there and stare at me…which makes me punch them in the shoulder and say, “Get it, Get it?”.

One of my favorites goes something like, “Why wouldn’t the crab share his treasure?”

Because he’s SHELLFISH!

Get it?! Get it?!

Oh that’s a good one.

I even found a pair of pajama pants that have this on them and I call them my crab pants. I wear them most nights before bed. They are comfy AND witty.

This, I swear, all leads me around to my blog theme for July.

This month, I’m going to be selfish. Why? Bea cause it is my birth month! The theme for July will be all about things that are important to me or make me happy. That being said, there are many important things in my life that I just won’t talk about on this blog. Not that I don’t love you, but I’m not going to talk openly about my family and friends here. I respect their privacy but please know that they are very, very high on this list that I am creating. For the purposes of this blog though, I’m going to talk about the things I’m doing that you may actually care a little bit about, like crafting, eating, reading … all that good stuff.

Overall , I want to spend the month doing things that make me happy. At first that sounded very selfish, but I believe fiercely that a good people on Earth should be happy every single day. What is the point of waking up each day if you don’t do something that makes  you smile? At first I thought I would only (try to) work on projects that are for me. There are many of those waiting in the wings. But, giving to others is also important to me so I threw that promise out of the window.

Like it? I made a word cloud to give you some hints of what you’ll see this month.

cloudYou like how chocolate is real big on that list, don’cha?

 instagramThere are 25 weekdays in July, so I came up with 25 words that make me happy. Along with this blog, you can expect to see an Instagram/Twitter picture each day of something from this list, so if you don’t follow me now….well, what are you waiting for?! twitter bird

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