Picking Up Where I Left Off

My second HUGE WIP for my 2015 Crafting Goals?

The Hibernating Vest!

To rehash:

On our trip in 2013 to Dallas Fiber Fest, we stopped at the mecca of yarn for my little group, MadTosh. There, I bough a beautiful pattern for a Clustered Vest which I am so in love with. My guy bought me gift certificates with which I bought the most amazing skeins of MadTosh Glazed Pecan and I knit maybe four inches and …. yeah. Have I said that I am the worst? I love everything this project, why has it sat for almost TWO YEARS?? Oh yea, because it’s clothes and I have the attention span of a gnat (do they have attention spans?).

Anyway, I’m totally going to at least knit like one more inch of this during 2015.


I am happy to report that I have somehow figured out where I was in this knit after only taking out an inch or so. This is huge. When I opened the bag this knit was snoring in, I found out that I gave up on this knit so hard that I actually took the interchangeable needles off, put stoppers on and moved on to another project. With the same needles.

That’s some hard-core not caring.

Well I care now. This pattern is beautiful.

And I already knit like an inch or two beyond what I took out, so take that self-effacing crafting goals.



All Wrapped Up

Isn’t a blanket and a good book the perfect gift? That is pretty much my happy place.

Um, can we talk about the wrapping paper I found in the dollar section at Target. Yup, it says Hooray! Could be more perfect.

As you can probably guess, my first knit of 2015 is wrapped and ready to be gifted. The Chevron Baby Blanket(te) has been seamed, blocked and folded. I think a long-term goal of mine may be to make a me-sized Chevron Blanket because I really like this pattern.


Doesn't it look cozy?!


2014 Crafting in Review

I had a busy year of knitting, though not so much a busy year of blogging….oops. Many of my knits were for me. Oh such a selfish year. I did make some gifts for my mum that I was super happy about, a few scarves for friends and family, as well as a hat for a family friend who underwent chemotherapy and who I hear is doing well.

1. Olympic Mitts – part of Ravellenic Games. Mystery + Manners

My first knit of the year was this massive Olympic project. Ravellenic Games are one of my favorite knitting times. I like a challenge. I loves this gloves and wear them quite a lot.


2. Group KAL Color Affection

I think you guys have all heard about this well enough, haven’t you?!

Color Affection

3. Many Infinity Lace Scarves or Cowls

Made the bright pink one for my grandma since she is so bright and happy. I love her. I also made the green/blue one as a Christmas gift for my guy’s mom. She put it on right away so that was quite the happy moment.

Infinity Lace 2 Infinity Lace

4. Deer Hat

I made one for my mum and one for me. I couldn’t love this pattern more. It’s just plain fun and crazy. I offered to make one for my guy for his hunting trip but he declined. Party pooper.

Deer Hat


5. Mr. Fox Stole My Heart

Eeee! I was positively giddy about this knit and still am. I wish I had more places to wear this. He still needs a little tweaking, I want to get a snap so I can snap him around my knit. Must wear more often.

Mr Fox

6. Longhorn Hat for my man

I knit quite a lot of orange this fall. This was an experimental hat and one that did not fit him right away. Still happy with how it turned out, but I feel like it may fit me better than him.

Longhorn Hat

7. Lola Headband

This has gotten alot of use lately with the cold temps. I adore this project and want to make many for friends. Takes longer than you would think (my head CANNOT be that large, oy!), but is completely worth it.


8. Gifts – bookmark and hat

I’ve made this bookmark quite a few times and think it is such a nice, handmade gift. Use Stiffy to stiffen the yarn.


9. Socks for my mum

I absolutely love making socks, the perfect travel knit. I now know my basic pattern by heart. Thankfully my mom loves knit socks. Perfect match.



All of my projects are on my Ravelry project page if you would like to see or purchase the patterns.

I hope you had as lovely of a knitting year as I! To many more!


Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork

ImageStill finishing the unfinishable!

This weekend was a smorgasbord of meat at our house. I finally got to make the Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork from my Unfinished List and boy was it worth the wait.

To review:

The Tempting Grub

The story:  Ah, Pinterest. You are the devil. I spend so many useless minutes pinning away on my boards, making plans for delicious food I am likely never going to make. This yummy-looking Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork and these zucchini fritters were a few of the first things I ever pinned. The problem is, I still have never tasted them. Finishing Problem: I suck at this.

To be frank, I was pretty worried about making this because I don’t have the best track record when it comes to meat. But this recipe? Doesn’t get any easier.

I pinned this pulled pork recipe from The Pioneer Woman a few years back precisely because it sounds amazing and looks somewhat easy to make, even for me. And that’s the truth.

You basically take a pork roast, season it with salt and pepper and then bake it for six hours in a delicious mix of Dr. Pepper and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. It comes out very moist and will fall apart in the pan. We served our pork in tortillas with lettuce, avocado, tomato and cheese of course, alongside some rice and beans. The meat is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, my favorite thing!

burrito bowlToday for lunch I even feasted on the leftovers in the form of a burrito bowl, a base of meat, layer of beans and rice, topped with shredded lettuce, tomato and sour cream.

The recipe is located here…you should run out to buy the ingredients and have it now!



My “Strategies for Finishing” paid off very well. Last night, before going to bed, I got to read these words.

ImageI have mixed feelings about this ending, but I also feel like I was so invested in this story that no ending would make me extremely happy. It was a good ending, fitting at that.

Despite this, I was incredibly happy to finish this project from the Unfinished List just in time to end the 31 Days Challenge.


To boot, I’m on the picot bind-off for the Holden Shawlette.

Expect a wrap-up from me soon about the experience. But guess what? It doesn’t stop! I’ve got the baby bib and Spicy Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork on my to-do list for this weekend!


Breaking Away From Your List

Okay, so I’m a huge rule-follower. I am easily influenced by gold stars and petrified of getting speeding tickets. If I have a rule book, I will follow it to a T. But sometimes…. well things happen.

Take my three-day absence from the 31 Days Challenge.

Granted, I did have a particularly petrifying three days. For one, I had a tooth removed because I’m getting braces on my lower teeth and felt extremely sick for two days.

So, yes life happens. And then you smile (if you are me, like a jack o’ lantern) and move on.

bib1Today’s post is in honor of that. For one, I am putting the washer necklace on the back burner. It will get done, but not during this 31 Days Challenge. Instead, I realized that I have an even more important project to complete.

Last month, I knit some adorable gifts for a good friend’s baby shower. I was happy to see that their first little one, Annabelle Claire, has arrived so now it is time for me to finish one of my forgotten Finish Projects, the monogrammed baby bib that I was waiting to cross-stitch for when baby arrived.

Plus, I am trying something new: embroidery! The plain monogram just wasn’t enough so I have been inspired by this beautiful border to stitch around it. We will see how this goes.

So, I guess the moral of my story is, don’t sweat it. Any progress is good progress so keep working on your list and don’t worry if that list happens to morph a bit. Life.