Pookah Visits Houston Fiber Fest 

Last month, my lil group of knitters were super happy to hear news of the first ever Houston Fiber Fest! Right in our amazing city! Since it was super close, we spent a quick day at the fest shopping our hearts out.

IMG_9959The Fest was at the Berry Center in Cypress, a community north of the city which is super close to me, so I was thrilled. The organizing group did a great job planning and had fiber artists yarn bomb the center outside. Plus, we knew we were in the right place! We had only wished there was a big sign of the super cute HFF logo for us to take a group picture next time. Hopefully next time! Next year, I must knit something for the bomb and can hopefully participate in the KAL of their adorable little mascot, Lester the Leicester.

For the inaugural event, I think they did a simply amazing job. There were so many fiber lovers in attendance, a great mix of vendors and lots of pretty things to squish. I think we looped that event center twelve times before going to lunch only to return for a few more loops before making our purchases.

Which brings us to the important bits, the shopping. I wish I had more money to spend because there was so much that I loved. My favorite shop was an easy pick. I absolutely fell in love with the Park Avenue Yarns purchasing choices. So many interesting yarn choices, super cute examples of work, patterns and friendly staff. There, I purchased the most gorgeous skein of yarn I’ve seen! It is Spun Right Round Squish DK in colorweight Escape From Prison. Isn’t that name just the best? I’m thinking a sweet winter hat would be perfect with this.

My other purchase was from my favorite local knitting store, WC Mercantile, who had a booth at the Fest. I had seen a Facebook post of their gorgeous dyed fibers and knew that I wanted to purchase one to alleviate my new addiction. I chose a stunning teal/grey braid in BFL, which is easily becoming my favorite fiber to spin.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this. I was in the middle of Tour de Fleece so already had my hands full. Interestingly, I bought it because I thought I didn’t have anything like it in color. Then when I got home, I realized it went perfectly with the fiber on my wheel at that moment. Which is perfect because I feel like I can do something amazing with the two together.

We hung out at the Fest for a little while, but the room was actually so packed there was not much room to sit and knit. A very impressive turnout, which I hope means the Fest will continue for years to come and will grow in size.  I am so glad to have something like this locally and I cannot wait until next years Fest.



Just Call Me Spinderella

vroom vroom!

I have fantastic news. I finally bought my very own spinning wheel.

Watch out world!


Treating my Knitty Noddy and wheel parts with Danish Oil, in dark walnut.

I’ve been saving since Yarn School last October so I could buy a wheel. Though I was horrible at it, I was completely hooked and wanted my very own wheel. Also, wheels are super pretty. With the help of some Christmas gift money from my folks and lots of saving, I finally had my funds to purchase an Ashford Kiwi 2 from my favorite local yarn shop WC Mercantile, during spring break.


Spray painting my wheel a super gorgeous glossy red!

I bought it in March, spent lots of time treating it with oil and painting it. This past week was finally the first week where I could actually take it on a spin (pun completely intended…har, har)


Almost done putting my Kiwi together!

It was very, very slow going.

I think I had to restart twelve times. Plus the flyer I had was a little different than those I had practiced on, so I had to Google it. Then there was lots of YouTube viewing, both when putting together my wheel and when trying to use it. Seriously though knitters, what did we do without YouTube? I think I made lots of shit up.


Second attempt at spinning!

So now I’m on my second bobbin and things are looking alot better. I am slowly getting the hang of drafting, the importance of pre-drafting and my spinning is almost actually even! Who would have thought? My work was so crazy the first time around. I feel like I am doing better this time than at Yarn School, but I am pretty sure it is because of the awesome fiber. I am practicing on some fiber I won at Yarn School and it is pretty easy to draft and already came in some nice roving strips. I feel lucky.

I have alot to learn, so I’m reaching out to my knitters and spinners. Are there any resources or videos that you absolutely love?


Knitterly Valentines

Knit Picks is having their Red + Pink Sale again, so I’ve done a tiny bit of damage today. Really, it was quite modest, $12 to be exact. I purchased some super cute Palette Yarn in “Lipstick” and “Currant” because one day when I have magical more time I am going to make another shawl. I’ve had my eye on the stripey, lacey wonder that is the Cladonia for quite a while now. Isn’t that gorgeous? P.S. Red + Pink sale ends today so don’t think about your yarn lust for too long.

My tiny purchase also led me to finding the most hilarious valentines for you to share with your knitter friends. My favorite is the ball of yarn hitting up the sheep.  I sure do love some puns.

Send yours to a lovely knitter!



The Lusty Eleven – October

I’ve always been that kid who gets real excited every fall for back-to-school. Because I’m a huge nerd. What I look forward to most of all is all of that back-to-school gear, the trapper keepers, the new pencils, that modeling clay that I’m pretty sure we never did anything with. I’m the same way as an adult. The best way to motivate me to work on a project? A fresh notebook with a newly-sharped pencil. It works every time.

So I celebrate my organization crazed mind with this month’s Lusty Eleven – a celebration of everything organization that screams for you to get started on your huge To Do List!october wish list

  1. A vintage recipe box like this from Etsy would make me want to cook more.
  2. Wunderlist helps me keep track of things I need to buy for projects – check it out on the app store or on their website.
  3. A organization station for your fabulous craft room!
  4. Who wouldn’t want some funny listpads from Knock Knock Stuff to keep you on track?
  5. Have an idea for a new cross-stitch or knitting pattern? Map our your ideas with a nifty notepad of graph paper like this Tricksy Notebook from Knit Picks.
  6. Ah, new notebook! My favorite way to keep track of all of the things I need to do throughout the day. I need a new owl one, obviously, like this Lemonni notebook spotted on the My Owl Barn site.
  7. Everyone knows that cute travel bags make you want to work on your project in public. The Superfine Project Bag from Knit Picks is so awesome I can hardly stand it.
  8. This Lily Pulitizer ink pen is called The Dirty Shirley. Enough said.
  9. Want to keep track of your materials (and not your Unfinishables, right folks!)? An adorable storage bin like this from Target is cute to look at and super handy.
  10. Write down those recipes you’ve been wanting to try on some of these adorable recipe cards, a free printable from My Owl Barn.
  11. Evernote is fantastic because it lets me keep track of things all in one place, from my iPad, to my phone and my computer at work. It’s like a Lisa Frank notebook, only for grow-ups.


Lusty Eleven – September


Yes, I’m completely hooked on crochet. So this month’s Lusty Eleven is all about  fiber fun in general, including tutorials, beautiful handmade accessories and crochet ideas — all celebrating my new hobby. Hope you can get hooked too!blog

  1. Isn’t this the most beautiful crochet hook case? From elsiegeneva Etsy shop.
  2. Must learn how to make these gorgeous cuffs. Pattern from Ravelry!
  3. A fancy bowl to hold my yarn, this from Abby T Pottery’s Etsy shop
  4. Tiny Owl Knits book, not crochet but I want to make everything!
  5. 100 Birds, Butterflies & Little Beasts to Knit and Crochet, yes I want to.
  6. Desperately wanting these owl shaped stitch markers from winemakerssiter’s Etsy shop.
  7. Learn to knit with Purl’ Soho’s knitting videos!
  8. I want to make beautiful fall things, like these beautiful maple leaves from LubaDaviesAtelier.
  9.  Need to grow your hook collection? Knitpicks has a colorful, gorgeous Harmony hook collection.
  10. I now need every color of thread known to man, like this cotton Curio thread from KnitPicks.
  11. School Days!

Hooked yet?


The Lusty Eleven – August

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

I love this quote and truthfully, I think DIY giving is the best representative of these meaningful words. While my handmade gifts may not be perfectly polished, they are made with joy and love. You cannot help but think about the person you are making the gift for, and all that you know and appreciate about that person is poured into it, from the choices you make in object down to the color of the wrapping.

So this month’s Lusty Eleven is all about giving, from some unique gift guides to handmade tips on creating wrapping — all celebrating the act of giving and spreading joy. One of my favorite things to do!

August Eleven

  1. I’ve been to a few weddings lately and am now obsessed with things like grooms cakes, I love this idea for a grooms gift from Style Me Pretty.
  2. Looking for ideas to wrap your gifts? Make My Paper Crafting’s beautiful lace on your craft paper for wrapping gifts!
  3. Adoring unique Gift Guides like Design Sponge’s Human, House, Harvey.
  4. Turn swaddling blankets into an elephant for a cute baby shower gift with this tutorial from babies rabies.
  5. The House That Lars Built has amazing tutorials for DIY wrapping paper, like this Polka Dot Wrapping Paper. Love!
  6. Last  Minute Knitted Gifts books are great as gifts for the knitter in your life, or great for ideas for us knitters. They are organized by the amount of time you have to make the gift. So if you are a procrastinator you can find a two hour knitted gift to rush and make!
  7. May Designs books are perfect little gifts, I’ve been playing around with their web notebook design maker and am obsessed with making my own notebooks (maybe I should just order one already?)!
  8. Back-to-school and a new fiscal year has me thinking about appreciation, like this hilarious Staff and Teacher Appreciation gift idea. Yup, I’m a sucker for puns.
  9. Give your gifts in these bright colored felt boxes, that you can make yourself with this tutorial from Pinterest.
  10. Some fun back to school gift ideas for English majors like me, from the ever-useful Etsy website. Support handmade!
  11. I now have package-envy and want to adorn my gifts with beautiful cut designs, like this flower.

I’ve got some great ideas now to help me wrap that baby shower gift!


Birthday Wishes Come True!

Oh boy!

I mentioned last week that I would be making some fun purchases and changes from items that I was oogling for the Lusty Eleven: July Edition and I did!

ImageFirst, I bought that lovely cross-stitch pattern that I was lusting over. My new cross-stitch project, LanasCrespo’s Sugar Skulls, is well under way thanks to a productive visit with my crafty pals this Sunday morning. The best thing? I combined two of my birthday wishes and also found a cross-stitch iPhone case and super rad patterns from this shop too!

Second, i have new hair! I changed my hair color a year ago from brunette to a deep, dark ginger and have loved it. However, I decided to go back to my brunette and wanted to do something fun in between. I’ve been eying that gorgeous ombre look and voila! I am a brunette/ginger/blonde! ImageI called it a beautiful hair sunset and my stylist cracked up. Does no one else think it looks like a sunset? geesh. Logistically, it made sense to do this now since I already had a red base, said the girl who must find a way to justify all purchases. I really love it!

My birth week was officially pretty rad.