DIY Halloween!

02f444bc424f11e3835922000ab5cb25_8This fox says Happy Halloween! Tara had it right, good guess girl! Yesterday, I gave you a sneak peek of my DIY Halloween costume. I knitted my very own fox ears for this Halloween. I hope you all have a wonderful day and eat some chocolate for me!



Getting Halloween Done!

At the beginning of this month, I told myself that I wouldn’t start any new projects. But who can resist Halloween?!! Beside carving lovely pumpkins, I have finished my Halloween costume for tomorrow. I’m crazy excited about it!

costumeAny guesses on what I will be?

It’s furry, has amazing knitted ears and some fierce makeup that I tried last night. So excited!

In addition, I have actually been completing other projects, so my Finish Project is coming along quite nicely. I’ve been attacking my Homey Holidays Pinterest board for some decorating ideas. One that I love is both green and festive, plus completes a Pinterest pin that I pinned oh just two years ago. Check out my milk jug ghosts!

halloween!So spooky! Can I also say that I look kinda like the middle one right now? Only missing my bottom tooth.

Arg, guess I should have been a hillbilly with missing teeth. B



The Ill-Fated Washer Necklace

washersOh yea, it’s pretty bad. A few days ago I looked at those soaked stupid washers from The Washer Necklace and well, it didn’t work out too well. Maybe I can go for the distressed look.

Or just stop being a cheap ass and buy some more washers.

Or just do another project?!


This is going to be the project that hurts me. Look at me analyzing my issues, like I mentioned in my Finishing Strategies. This one is a mixture of not being good at this and anger.

I feel like I need to print out a picture of the beautiful end result from the blog to remind me that this is completely worth it.




I have a little problem. I soaked those stupid washer washers from The Washer Necklace in nail polish forever and well, it didn’t work out too well. Maybe I should have just forked over the 92 cents needed to buy another set? Bleh.

I’ll take a picture of the disaster later tonight for all of you so we can collectively groan together.

You have no idea how badly I want to say, “Oh well, guess this one’s not going to happen.” Arg. Hang in there?


The Back Button

necklaceOh the Washer Necklace. I had such high hopes for you. I really wish I could just click the back button on the remote on this craft. Instead, we have nail polish remover.

Here’s the skinny:

The Washer Necklace

The story:  I am lucky to have a super rad group of crafters to laugh with here in Texas. My friend holds a monthly Crafternoon for us where we can work on a group craft or just any of our ongoing projects. This month, we decided to make this beautiful necklace from painted washers. Great idea! Problem is, mine didn’t turn out so beautiful.

Finishing Problem: I hate everything.

Last night I decided to get started on destroying my washer necklace. Then I thought I lost it. My response? I shrugged.

necklace2Shame! I really love this beautiful necklace on the website and need to have faith that I can make something as beautiful.

For now, I will take all of my angst out on these little, chipped red-painted washers by sitting them in a bath of nail polish remover.

Take that.


Crazy for Bracelets

new braceletI know guys, I’m a bit behind. Things have been crazy. Shame, shame…I’ve been making jewelry I swear! Just not blogging about it. Bad me.

Time to get caught up.

So the internet is a dangerous place, right? I’ve been lusting after everything on this website that has DIY designs for a bunch of bracelets. I mean, who wouldn’t want a bracelet made out of a zipper?!! So, when I was at the hardware store the other day, I decided that I would also pick up the gear to make the adorable DIY Nut Bracelet from Truly Smitten.

And truly, I am smitten. I could make like five thousand of these in more colors and wear them forever.

DIY Nut Bracelet

The Hardware

  • Twine, leather, whatever you want to use as the base, but make sure you have enough to go around your wrist twice, remember you are braiding this! Cost: $1.99
  • Nuts, I basically brought my twine with me and measured up to see what size hole I needed to be able to thread the nut through. Granted, tough men will look at you strangely while at Lowes, whatevs. I liked the gold but there is also silver. Choices! I used six nuts for this one, but you can use more! (I think I will next time).  Cost: $1.70 (breaking the bank, guys!)

braidingDo It

1. Tape down three pieces of fiber, knotted at the top. Yup, that is Charlaine Harris’ face. What? Doesn’t everyone use the back of the new Sookie Stackhouse novel to affix their braiding?braiding 2

2. Braid about halfway down and start to braid the nuts into the braid: thread nut on right twine, braid. Thread nut on left twine,

braid, repeat. This takes some patience and dexterity. Hint: I threaded mine on early and then made sure I pulled down tightly on the braid. Note: It may not look correct right away, I noticed I had to “arrange” the nuts so they laid correctly. You can do it!

3. Finish your braid, knot and affix clasps. I like the hooks with a circle and straight bar. Much easier for my clumsy hands.

Then pose.nuts

Okay so that last part is un-necessary.

This may be my favorite bracelet of the month, which is largely in part to the ease of finishing. Most of my bracelets have been made with larger thread, mostly because I like the leather. That has proven difficult to get to affix. One big hint I have for you is: clear nail polish! It is a life saver. Knot your ends to their clasp real tight, snip close and then apply some clear nail polish. I used Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails because that seemed appropriate.








Hanging Out: Jewelry Organization

I’ve opened the floodgates. Upon figuring out how to make one cute braided bracelet, I’ve decided to go a little crazy and make a bunch more…and the month just started.

This could be dangerous.

Thankfully, my DIY-crazed brain has prepared for an abundance of jewelry. Thanks again, to Pinterest. Here’s a quick look at how I organize my jewelery.

By now, I’m sure you have all learned that I live in a very small space, very. small. space. Strangely enough, I love it. I hung up a new picture in our studio yesterday and fell asleep telling my guy that I really love our little home. I meant it. It is small and holds everything we need, especially since I have a Keurig. This small space has meant; however, that I spend lots of time dreaming about Apartment Therapy’s Small Spaces with evil thoughts ideas and most importantly, that I have learned how to use the walls in our small space. Thusly, most of my jewelry rests on the walls in our bathroom.


My necklace organization is pretty simple right now. I hung an industrial-sized hook from Ikea and place the longer necklaces on the back part and the shorter up front. photo 3-1Easy Peasy. Sometimes they get tangled though, so I, of course, have done my DIY research and came up with two projects.

Queued: Wood hanger necklace organizer. This looks easy… like most things on Pinterest, I’m sure it is not.

On My Wishlist: A necklace organizer on a rake! Way down on the to-do list…like for when we get a house because I don’t think our tight space is the best place to place a rusty rake right now.


My earrings fall into three categories: dangly, studs and other. “Other” are those random bits for which I’ve lost one and refuse to throw away the other in hopes of stumbling upon its mate one day. I’m sure I’m not alone in this collection. Those go into my random jewelry box of hope. The others are organized nicely.

The Studs

earringsRecently I’ve taken up cross-stitch and have become obsessed. It occurred to me, and other geniuses on Pinterest, that cross stitch weavery make the best earring holders for your studs. Functional and more importantly, you can display them in a pretty way. I have my most used studs on a little oval hoop and have been planning on adding a little something to fancy it up. Ideas:

I like the idea of stitching a nice background and just adding in the earrings randomly. This one features some cute insects.

Or an ocean wave.

Another idea I’ve considered is a decorative border. I’d have to make my earring holder larger and I’m okay with that. More excuses to buy earrings!


earring frameI love dangly earrings. I have actually been afraid of necklaces for so long that dangly earrings have been my main go-to for dressing up. They always got tangled up, until I found a Pinterest project to solve my problem.

My guy helped me with this Pinterest project and ever since I’ve totally been able to get his help when gathering supplies and making projects. He actually wants to make one of these for all of his girl friends. How amazing is that?

Learn how to make your own chicken wire earring holder here!

As I stalk people on Pinterest, I’ve found out that there are lots of ingenious ways to organize your jewelry. I’m currently looking for one to organize bracelets. Any ideas folks?20130507-225458.jpg