Polka Dots and Popsicles

The Pops

I keep having partial success with my boozicles. I’m not fully in love with the ones I’ve made but they keep getting better as I learn. Hopefully I’ll have some success this weekend.

popsicleWhy am I telling you about my failures? Well, because experimenting and mistakes creates frustration so I decided to finally stop guessing and just look it up! And I’ve finally figured it out. The ratio for alcohol to other ingredients for popsicles in quite low, basically 20% of your liquid ingredients. Which in my book was just not enough.  I was hoping it would be more like half and half.

But, no.

And actually, it is better that way. The alcohol taste in my newest pop was just enough.

Here’s the recipe:

Razzle Grapefruit Pop

  • 1/4 cup Austin’s Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka
  • raspberries
  • 3/4 cup water
  • one tablespoon sugar

Recipe is for a four-part popsicle mold with straws that I got at Bed, Bath and Beyond for less than ten dollars.

  1. Blend together sugar, water, vodka and a handful of raspberries
  2. Add mixture to popsicle mold
  3. Drop in a few whole raspberries, these are delicious when frozen
  4. Freeze
  5. When ready, run some hot water over bottom part of mold and wiggle pop free.

Notes: If you don’t want seed, you should strain it before pouring into the molds. Also, we made this with two teaspoons sugar and found it a bit sour. Why goes easy on sugar, it’s dessert! Yum!

The Polka


Since I’ve moved to Texas I’ve tried to be better about acessorizing…because Texans really, really, really like their bling.

So back in May, I decided to start buying and making jewelry and now I love jewelry and made this my month blog theme for May. My favorite find has been Charming Charlie.

I’m a bit of a plain Jane when it comes down to it, so I’ve been trying to step it up. Usually, I opt for dangly earrings as my only accessory. But today I think I’ve done a pretty okay job with sprucing up my outfit in a spartan-like me sort of way, pairing up my bright red polka-dot shirt with some gold and rosey dots.

These are all purchased, but I’m loving some of the jewelry my friends are making and am hoping to incorporate some more DIY jewelry in September’s blog theme!



The Lusty Eleven – July

Today’s my birthday and I’m not completely sure why I’m not just sitting on my couch with chocolates, watching episode after episode of Scandal on Netflix….

This is the month where I’m just focusing on doing a few my favorite things, right?

I know that only doing my favorite things must feel like that involves not blogging to you, I’m sorry! I’ve been knitting and travelling and all of that good stuff. Never fear, I’m back.

And to celebrate, well…I’ve enjoyed a coffee, a bowl of delicious cherries, listening to my playlist on Spotify, getting gifts (yay!)and catching up on my blogs, which leads to me all things I’ve feeling lusty about. Alas, July’s Lusty Eleven!

This month, its all about me! Ga, so selfish! What do I love? Jewelry, good tunes, dreaming about DIY projects, getting fancy and beautiful products I’ve been batting my eyelashes at.

I’m pretty sure one of these items will be bought online today….

July Eleven

  1. The Great Gatsby soundtrack has been on repeat on my Spotify, especially Emeli Sande’s version of Crazy in Love
  2. I’m in love with little gold rings, like this one from LeJasChic’s Etsy shop
  3. Getting a new hair color this weekend and I may be open to some ombre, like I’ve been pinning on my Pinterest boards.
  4. I’m in search for a new iPhone case that can bounce like my old one when I accidentally throw it, but with style like a fancy Kate Spade cover.
  5. Dreaming up ideas for a wall in our place that I’m dying to renovate, like these DIY wood walls from Bob Vila.
  6. My tomato harvest has me scouring the web for delicious recipes, like Joy the Baker’s Spicy Tomato Ketchup.
  7. Completely hooked on trying out how-to tutorials for braided up-doos I find on Pinterest
  8. Searching on Etsy for a new cross-stitch project, LanasCrespo’s Sugar Skulls may be the winner
  9. I’ve been smitten for Spilly Jane’s mittens for quite some time now, like these Sneckens! Maybe if I start now I can have them done by the time it gets cold??
  10. Addicted to LaCroix’s coconut water and now I’ve discovered drink recipes, of the adult variety!
  11. Finally, I love my little surprises in the mail  from Umbabox, like this hand-painted clutch from Florence Oliver.

Have you been making eyes at any particular products lately?