Bad Experiments and Tales of Woe

Last night I decided to quickly make my next cleaning potion, the shower and tub cleaner.

Did you catch that word “quickly”? Yup, it’s nice how you can see a disaster so easily in retrospect.

The story is that I was making spaghetti last night and was waiting for my noodles to boil. I really wanted to get started on my next DIY cleaner and I remembered that this recipe called for heating up vinegar in the microwave. I had loads, I mean just loads of time. So thought, why not?

I really just wanted to smell it because in my mind it was going to smell amazing.

Not so much.

But believe me, this is completely all my fault and not the fault of the recipe. Someone just doesn’t know how to measure.

Shower and Tub Cleaner

from Yesterday on Tuesday (p.s. I’m sorry for ruining your completely fine recipe, your blog is great)


  • white vinegar
  • generic brand dish soap
  • lemon-eucalyptus essential oil


1. Warm 2 cups of vinegar in the microwave in a microwave safe bowl. Pour into spray bottle (yay! I get to use my funnels of fun! Winning! I actually said this in my mind….)
2. Add 2 ½ cups of blue generic brand dish soap. (or purple because I think I’m fancy)
3. Add 12 drops (optional) of lemon-eucalyptus essential oil.

photo 2See? Doesn’t sound so hard does it. Well, if you take a a look at that lovely huge tiny dammit! bottle of Dawn that I was using, it is pretty much apparent that I did not have 2 1/2 cups to use. The picture was taken in mid-mix because it was much more full when I squeezed it into my spray bottle. Granted, I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t be 2 1/2 cups even if full.

Sigh. Yo soy idiota.

And then I had this grand idea that lemon-eucapltyus and lavender would smell great together! Yup, it probably would if you had even close to the amount of soap you thought you had.


In my mind, the fact that I actually spilled a good part of the vinegar helped (I actually said this in my mind too whilst spilling). Yup, this would completely balance out the fact that I didn’t have as much soap as I needed.Nice try, Pookah. The spray smells overwhelmingly of vinegar…not even the oil could drown it out.

So what your saying here is that eyeballing it just isn’t a good idea?

On the plus side, it seemed to work okay on my shower. I should probably plan on buying more soap though beacuse I’m pretty sure my dishes are now dirty…




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