Crap Crocheter

20140806-160020-57620446.jpgWell that didn’t turn out so well. Does anyone else note the lopsided side of my granny square (hint, it is on the right). Gulp.

I really am a crap crocheter. I just don’t have the troubleshooting capabilities in crochet as I do with knit. I am hoping to crochet more so that I become better. It’s a long, bumpy road though, you see.

For Christmas this year, I have decided to make sweet little dishcloths and scrubbers for my grandmother. I have purchased sweet spring colors: purples, light greens and blues and plan to make her a whole set, maybe five or six in total. This was supposed to be the first one, one that looks like a pretty granny square.

I am so not giving my granny that horrid square though!

I think I need to start out with an easier pattern.

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