keep calm and carry yarn

Stripey socks knit for my friend and mom-to-be Eryn

To me, knitting socks is all about finding a pattern that makes you happy. I have mine…many of you know that it is from the top down <down with increasing stitches!>. I know it by heart. I use size 1 or 2 needles, depending on who I am making it for, I cast on 64 stitches and get to work. I can overlay many different patterns on those 64 stitches. I can choose a pretty variegated yarn and make ribbing or just stockinette. Or I can feel like taking on more of a challenge with adorable lace eyelets or twisty-turning cables. I know my heel turn doesn’t cause me as much angst as it used to. I know that I can get away with knitting my socks in our group when I am working on the leg, but then I have to completely concentrate when I start my heel, quietly at home. I also know that I hate picking up stitches, but whatever… C’est la vie. And finally, I know that I love it when I get to the simple, rounded heel and can happily graft <kitchener – with directions on my phone because that will never be ingrained in my brain>. And voila! I have a sock. Socks make me happy.

I just started teaching my fall quarter courses and I love watching new knitters learn and figure out the madness that is the kfb or cabling. So much about knitting is knowing. Once you try it, you know it. And from there you can do anything.

I post this picture because of two things: 1. The simple yet funky striped socks I just finished for my friend Eryn and 2. My paperweight which reminds me to “keep calm and carry yarn.” (I wish I came up with this witty pun, but sadly I am not witty.)




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